Advance Your Message to Get More Members, Givers & Volunteers.


Do You Want To Discover The Exact Plan That Urban Churches Are Using to Increase Attendance and Accomplish Their Mission?

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We Are Your Guide To Understanding How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Congregation.

We have been leading ministry for 21 years and understand your struggles and desire to grow.  We understand what it takes and the important journey you’re on to accomplish your mission. We’ve helped dozens of churches to execute the exact plan for doing just that. Get Started Now!

How We Help Urban Churches Fulfill Their Mission

Our 3 Step Church Growth System

Get Your Website Right

The first step to establishing your presence in today’s world is to build a website for your church. It is the foundation for your brand and the base of operations for all of your online messaging.

Advance Your Message

The best website in the world is useless unless people are reading it.  We help you develop a brand social media strategy to attract your people and increase your visibility to the right audience to get your more web traffic. 

Build Your Community

We help you install communication campaigns to strengthen your internal teams, increase volunteers, increase involvement, increase attendance and increase giving.  These methods include text and email marketing. 

Churches Marketing Know-How At Your Fingertips

Using Facebook Groups to Increase Givers & Volunteers

Using Facebook Groups to Increase Givers & Volunteers

In our exclusive Facebook group for nonprofit leaders, Nonprofit Leader Insiders, I met an excited client services director from Hope Pregnancy Center, Jenny Wheelus. In our group, I asked the question: “What has been the most effective internet-based technology for...

The Basic Church Website Structure

The Basic Church Website Structure

Today’s contemporary website world is much more beautiful than it was in the 90s. Back then, nonprofit websites were homemade, amateur, and just plain ugly. In fact, the websites of nonprofit organizations were known in the tech world to be some of the worst examples...

Writing Your Church Vision

Writing Your Church Vision

Writing Your Church VisionMost people who decide to start a church choose to do so in order to make a difference within their communities and the world in general. Churches are usually birthed from a strong awareness about existing needs or problems and a sense of...

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